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Frequently Asked Questions

Can same login can be used for both site and forum?
No, site and forum need separate registration and both are free. For consistency/ease you may register with same user name for both.

What is difference between "Registered Airmail" and speed-post shipping?
"Registered Airmail" method of shipping is the most economical though it may take couple of weeks for the product to reach to you. Speed-post is comparatively costly but very fast, we expect product to reach in couple of days considering no custom delays.

I haven't received my product?
Depending on the method of shipping opted (Speed-post/"Registered Airmail"), it may take couple of days to weeks. Generally custom clearance add further delay. For each Item shipped we provide tracking number for it to be tracked.

On what basis shipping is calculated?
Shipping is calculated on weight, hence significant shipping cost can be saved if multiple items are ordered in a single order. Minimum weight is 100gm(Registered Airmail)/250gm(Speed Post)

What taxes and custom duties applicable on import of these products?
Different countries have different laws, user receiving the products need to pay import taxes and duties applicable in his/her country.

What if I didn't receive my product even after long wait?
Full refund will be provided.

What is "wish-list" section in the forum?
It is feature wish-list, if you feel any new feature need to be added in our products that will help you, please add the requirement to "wish-list". Our technical team will evaluate feasibility and timeline for the feature to be added. Decision on requested feature will be commented on the same request thread.