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555 Frequency Calculator

555 Frequency Calculator
Wave generator
Output Values    
Negative Time (in Miliseconds)    =
Positive Time (in Miliseconds) =
Frequency (in Kilohertz) =
Time Period (in Seconds)    =

Resistance Ra (in Kohms)

Resistance Rb (in Kohms)

Capitance Cr (in uFarads)


  Output waveform

To use Frequency calculator fill values for Ra, Rb, Cr and hit calculate button. Frequency calculator also plots nice output waveform. This waveform can be helpful in analyzing the duty cycle, frequency and time period. Feel free to try different values of resistor and capacitors to see their affect on waveform and other output values.

Note : 555 Frequency calculator needs javascript, please make sure javascript not disabled on your browser.