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Check Pulse First

Check Pulse First

Before moving ahead it is very important to check that hardware and connection wise things are fine. Hence, without any configuration we will check the pulse first.

Follow these steps to check pulse.

  1. Connect “Infrared Receiver” to your computer's COM port
  2. Launch “IR Power” from program menu.
  3. Press any button on your remote (pointing it toward IR-Receiver)
  4. You should see “Signal Indicator ” LED blinking green/red for any remote-key pressed.

If you see “Signal Indicator” LED blinking. Congratulation!

If you don't see any activity on “Signal Indicator” please check following.

  1. Remote is working.
  2. IR Receiver is working.
  3. IR Receiver is connected to your computer's COM port.
  4. Remote has good batteries.
  5. Port and “Signal Detection” settings are proper in the "Settings" Tab.