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IR Power Navigation

IR Power Navigation

Power” has five tabs “Application Control”,
“Device Control”, “Learn Key”, “Settings”
and “About”. Each of these tabs can be accessed by
a mouse click (as shown below).

Heading of the active tab glows to provide navigation aid.

Signal Indicator

Signal Indicator LED blinks green/red
in response to any button pressed on your remote. This blinking LED
shows that “IR Power” is receiving signals. This also indicates
that your “Infrared receiver”, remote-control and “IR Power” are
working fine. “Signal Indicator” should work without any learning.

If “Signal Indicator” is
not responding to your remote-keys and always gray, please check

  1. Remote is working.

  2. IR Receiver is working.

  3. IR Receiver is connected to your computer's COM

  4. Remote has good batteries.

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  5. Port and “Signal Detection”
    settings are proper in Settings Tab

Status Pane

When key on your remote is recognized
by “IR Power”, status related to that key is reflected in
the status pane.


Key Name

Learned name of the key.


Entry Name

Name of the entry, if entry is made otherwise blank.


Group Name

Current active group.



Keyboard-command which was issued after key reorganization.



Window to which above keyboard-command will be sent,
Top-window or specific-window.


Port Data

Data to be sent out on parallel-port in-order to control
devices present on parallel port.

Active Group

IR Power

“IR Power” provides you a powerful way to control various programs using same remote-key. For example, “stop” button on your remote can stop your mp3 player and stop your media-player. Now the question is, how “IR Power” knows which program to stop when “stop” button is pressed?

Answer lies in Groups! Same remote-key can be placed under multiple groups and in each group, the action associated with key can be different. Hence when “stop” button is pressed, “IR Power” always picks the key and action from the “Active Group”. Any group can be made active, but only one group can be active at a time. It is like giving multiple roles to your remote and the roles can be change just by changing “Active Group”.
Keys are placed within groups as “entries”, each entry is associated with a key and an action. In simple language you can say, a key and action forms an “entry”.